Colin Vearncombe tribute

Colin Vearncombe, best remembered as the front man of 1980s hot band Black, gave a candid interview in November 2010 which was included in our Christmas schedule the following month. In the interview Colin talked about his biggest hit “Wonderful Life” as well as the making of other iconic songs. His childhood, family life and changed values are all explored.

Colin Vearncombe in the 1980s Colin Vearncombe in the 1980s

Colin tells us about his visits to Poland and admits he has been a closet Eurovision Song Contest party host! Colin even exclusively played the piano in this London Bridge interview with George Matlock which we have re-classified as a Special Broadcast in tribute to the great man. Colin said he had enjoyed the interview and that George “brought the best out of the conversation” while George said of the interview that “Colin was simply a lovely bloke and as a fluid conversationalist, true radio material”.

In memory. Colin Vearncombe 26 May 1962 – 26 January 2016

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