About us

ORLA.fm celebrated five years at the Polish Embassy in London in November 2010, with whom it has had exceptionally good relations since the beginning.

Among other official endorsements, Lady Karolina Kaczorowska has since July 2010 been the honorary patron of ORLA.fm.

The station focuses on music and cultural news but also covers political and social news. ORLA.fm even teamed up with Polish Radio Warsaw Programme 1 “Jedynka”, the country’s best-known state broadcasting station for coverage. Jedynka has benefited from some of our exclusive content such as an interview with the late Polish Honorary Consul Mike Oborski, while ORLA.fm took Jedynka’s live stream from the state funeral following the Smolensk air disaster. ORLA.fm has also been media partner for three of Poland’s biggest news portals: Wirtualna Polska, Onet and Interia. It also worked with Capital FM’s owner Global Radio to produce podcasts in 2006. In a way, we are now going back to the “original and best”.

While our editorial coverage remains wide, since 2011, ORLA.fm has taken a decision to support only those events which are directly of relevance to its listeners, principally culture-related — such has been the deluge of requests from the Polish community for us to be involved as media patrons!

However, we still report on non-culture events. So please keep sending us your press releases!

Although still representing the community, ORLA.fm has developed into the broadcaster for the discerning listener, whether Polish, English or other. As a live radio streamer we were Radio With Class. And now as podcaster we are a Broadcaster With Class.

The station is funded by advertising targeted at Polish- and English-speaking listeners in the UK, Poland and Republic of Ireland.

Since November 2010, Radio ORLA has broadened its role, to include other enterprises related to the broadcaster. ORLASounds (www.orla.fm/orlasounds) provides third party corporate audio services, audiobooks, and podcasts and advises other radio stations on how to get up to speed with the latest technology.

ORLA – the innovator

ORLA.fm, which syndicates its shows to FM stations in the United Kingdom is, with ORLASounds, also an innovator. Radio ORLA is now the pioneer in many leading edge technologies online, and on mobile phones and tablets. We have APPs and our website is now HTML5-compliant – meaning it can be easily read even on a small smartphone screen.

We have also broadcast live from venues like the Olympia Exhibition Halls Earls Court. And we have a traditional London Routemaster Bus for broadcasting from top events like the Polish Arts Festival in Southend. We were even the first Polish media to add a QR to the back of our business cards to encourage people to visit our website from their mobile phones.

Radio ORLA has developed as the platform for people to sound off their opinions and change the community for the better.

Find out more as a listener or advertiser by visiting our Facebook page where thousands of others are already waiting to exchange their views with you. Big names have worked with us too. Among our advertisers are Asda, National Health Service, Ryanair, Lycamobile, top Polish band Zakopower and many others.

If you would like more information about our very competitive and flexible advertising packages that are amazingly affordable, please write to sales@orla.fm

Thank you for visiting our website.