EP06: Walker’s World | The Polish King of Madagascar

05/09/2022 George Matlock 0

Ugandan tyrant Idi Amin once claimed he was the last King of Scotland, a fanciful claim no one took seriously but made a good movie. Yet we stop in our globetrotting tracks to hear Peter Walker reveal that there was once a Polish king of the huge African island of Madagascar. In perhaps Peter’s zaniest episode of Walker’s World so far, he’s back from his  travels with the most exotic fruit – enough to make Sir Walter Raleigh’s  potatoes go off.

EP05: Walker’s World | Tadeusz Kościuszko and US Independence Day

04/07/2022 George Matlock 0

As we join fellows who are Americans, to celebrate their Independence Day in the United States, Peter Walker brings you a jaw dropping story of one Tadeusz Kościuszko, an engineer, statesman and military leader who is revered today as a national hero in five nations: Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, France and the United States. He helped win independence for the USA, promoted black Americans’ education and demanded an end to slavery 90 years before the American Civil War. He even made it onto a Polish bank note during the Communist era. This is a trip worth taking! Join Peter now!

EP03: Walker’s World | Poland and Ukraine One Country

02/05/2022 George Matlock 0

Poland is helping its neighbour Ukraine in the tragic conflict against Russia. Poland has many reasons, not only geopolitical but also historical, to help Kiev. In the 14th century Poland was Europe’s biggest country by land. Ahead of Europe Day this month, Peter Walker explains how, and also tells the story of more influential Poles.

EP 02: Walker’s World | April – the month that shook the world

02/04/2022 George Matlock 2

In his second episode of Walker’s World, ORLAfm presenter Peter Walker continues on the path of Russia’s historical aggression, which seems so timely as the tragedy of the invasion of Ukraine prevails. It is more than symbolic that the catastrophe of Ukraine began weeks after the start of the Chinese Year of the Tiger – considered to be a year of conflict and rift. It was also the Year of the Tiger when a Polish aircraft heading for Katyn commemorations crashed at Smolensk in 2010. So why is April the cruelest month for Poles? And how has it shaken the world? Our featured Poles in this edition are the 22,000 Poles who perished at Katyn as well as President Ryszard Kaczorowski and his wife and ORLAfm Honorary Patron Lady Kaczorowska. Peter delivers another engaging and poignant episode.

EP 01: Walker’s World | King Canute and the Polish Invasion

01/03/2022 George Matlock 0

Poles are generally regarded in a good light in the UK. Champions in the sky, they managed to defend Churchill’s Britain in the 1940s. But did they also have another agenda? Did they help a Dane to overthrow the norms of the day? While the tragedy of Ukraine’s invasion by Russia unfolds, in his first monthly episode of Walker’s World Peter Walker offers a lighter-hearted, true account of events which changed the course of history in the British Isles.

Welcome to my (Walker’s) World

20/02/2022 George Matlock 0

ORLAfm is excited to announce the start of a new series of podcasts for everyone interested in Polish history and famous names.
It is remarkable how many Poles left Poland to find fortune, fame and sometimes tragedy. You may be surprised how many people you know have Polish backgrounds. The presenter of this show is one such case.
Walker’s World is a monthly series presented by ORLAfm veteran DJ Peter Walker, whose natural parents were Polish.

Speechwriter Charles Crawford on Brexit

29/01/2022 George Matlock 0

With June 23 set for an historic vote on Britain’s destiny in or after the European Union, Charles Crawford shares his fears about how the “Brexit” campaign will unfold, as well as the growing populism which social media encourages. And could there be a “Poxit” too? The former British ambassador to Warsaw also talks about his new book about writing speeches for leaders and how former Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski went off script while on his watch. Interviewed by George Matlock.

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