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A service from Anglo-Polish Radio ORLA.fm


All projects at very competitive prices and constructed in high quality

What we offer?

Dry voice - translation, one voice-over without audio editing, special effects, and music, total length of recording up to 60 seconds - from 49.99 GBP/per 60 sec

Text translation - 1000 words from 59.99 GBP
Only in conjunction with audio production
(simple translation does not contain specialist, technical language, eg. the language of medicine. If you need further information please email us your requirements and will give you a quote very soon).

Radio commercials, jingles, spots - idea, the arrangement of audio project, translation, one or more voice-overs, editing, royalty free music or new music arrangements - contact us to ask for quote

Video overdub - translation, one or more voice-overs, audio editing for video

Multimedia presentations * - translation, one or more voice-overs, editing - contact us to ask for quote

Audio solutions for internet sites ** - translation, one or more voice-overs, editing - contact us to ask for quote

Simple telephone recordings - translation, one or more voice-overs, editing - contact us to ask for quote

Podcasting - translation, one or more voice overs, editing - contact us to ask for quote

* 4 pages minimum. We charge for 4 pages in case of smaller orders
** over 3 pages: rate as for multimedia presentations

Page standard:
- Font: Times New Roman
- Size: 14
- Line spacing: 1.5

The price include
In case of commercials: minimum two versions of the recorded sound
First correction FREE (does not apply to changes in the script)

How does it work?

Doing business with ORLASounds is very straight-forward, and we strive to make working with us as easy as it can be. This means that we have reduced all the nonsense and created a simple process.

You can be sure that no matter where you are in the process, you can always get help from us, either by using our enquiry form or by contacting us via email or phone.

Listen to our voice talents, and choose the one that you prefer, or you can let us send you recommended voice talents by contacting us here.

Send an enquiry for a quote for your project.

You receive a reply from us within a few hours, and if you can accept the price, you send us the final script and we will start the process of your order. If possible please provide the following information in the script: Voice over style, pace, mood, and also pronunciations of names or places if any. If there is a preview video available for the project, this would help the voice talent a lot in reading your script with the right mood

Before our talent (s) prepare the recording you will receive an invoice from us to be paid via bank wire transfer. We deliver the completed sound files in your preferred file format (wav, mp3, aif or any other audio format) via email or download from our ftp-server. Or by request, we can also post a cd via post

You confirm receipt of the sound files

The last step in the process, is that we will make sure that you like our services and the final result. Because we definitely want you back as a client!

See the Illustration for more information of just how competitive our inaugural prices are!



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