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How long do I wait for a recording?
This depends on how long is the text to be recorded. Voice artists who are indicated as available in the database record every working day. Therefore, in the case of small orders, completion takes 24-48 hrs. The recording delivery date/time is always confirmed immediately after placing an order. You can be sure that you will be informed of any possible problems in advance.

Do the two interpretative versions also apply to multimedia?
Unfortunately, they do not. In the case of recordings longer than a standard commercial, we try do record one good version.

Do I have to pay for the recording once again if I make a mistake in the text?
Generally, yes. In case of commercials you may expect additional expenses if the script has been changed e.g. to suit your client. In multimedia, we charge for minor modifications in the script as for a single page to be recorded. However, we always try to avoid additional charges. If you there is no possibility to avoid additional charges, you can rest assured that you will pay the lowest possible rate.

What additional information should be included in the order?
We welcome any additional information. Especially: the deadline for the delivery of the recording, estimated spot/paragraph duration time, description of the character of the production, destination of the recording.

What if I want to change the application area/purpose of the recording?
It is enough to contact us to broaden to application area of the order. If the recording proves more expensive, you will have to cover the difference in costs.

My recording is not indicated in the rates. How can I obtain a price?
E-mail it to info@orlasounds.co.uk, possibly with a detailed description. You will receive a rough pricing very soon.

Are the prices listed in the rates subject to negotiation?
Expect discount for periodical recording contracts with one voice artist or due to number of pages in multimedia productions. We also apply discounts for regular customers.

Can I obtain sample recordings of my script?
We will suggest such a solution in case of non-standard projects.

I don’t like the recording. Do I still have to pay for it?
As with any other product, a recording can be subject to a complaint. However, remember to provide a good justification of your decision and give the voice artist a chance to make corrections. If you are unsure whether the voice artist will come up to your expectations, and your production is complicated and expensive, please ask us for an opinion first or request a sample recording.

See the Illustration for more information of just how competitive our inaugural prices are!



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