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A service from Anglo-Polish Radio ORLA.fm


This is the basic service from ORLASounds. It is implied this is part of our other services, be it audio, video overdub or podcasting, because we need to receive a script in order to create your audio.

However, whether or not we charge for text services depends on how it is supplied to us.

If you have English text, we will translate it for you. There is a standard translation charge for this service and it is included in the price for the finished product, whether audio, video overdub or podcast. We seek to make the translation not only keep to the spirit of the original English text, we ensure it works as a broadcast script so you are not just paying for an automated translation.

If you decide to translate it yourself, that is fine, we will not charge because there is no translating involved. This is called execution-only text service.

However, if your Polish text is in need of grammatical or stylistic corrections we will advise you before doing anything else. If you agree improvements are worthwhile we will improve it but only if you supply the original English version. The charge is the same as for standard translation charge.

If you have Polish text but decide to let us come up with broadcast-quality make-over, we charge a consultancy fee.

In certain circumstances, such as where the text is highly technical, it may be necessary for us to receive Polish text and we reserve the right to create audio from it on an execution-only basis.

See the Illustration for more information of just how competitive our inaugural prices are!



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