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A service from Anglo-Polish Radio ORLA.fm


Having established a snappy, clear translated Polish text, we will record it for you.

What can we do?

There are many possibilities. Here are a few illustrations:

We can create an audioguide for your museum, with separate audio files related to the prompts.

We can create an entire recording for your automated telephone system in both English and Polish if you wish. Again this involves several separate audio files being recorded.

We can create audio files for an interactive website. This could be right for you if you want to use the Internet or Intranet to train staff, offer them fire regulations in Polish, or to guide your customers through the eShopping basket online.

We can create audio files for online games.

We can create longer audio items too.

There is a basic set-up cost for the recording which is necessary whatever the length of the text and this applies to Audio, Video Overdubbing and Podcasting. If several separate audio items are required there is one set-up cost but as we have to administer each recording, there is an administration fee for that.

See the Illustration for more information of just how competitive our inaugural prices are!



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